Together, WE ARE ONE.

Joplin is stronger when we connect, communicate and collaborate.

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We’re Fostering a More Collaborative Joplin.

One Joplin’s sole purpose is to create a collaborative environment for our area’s business leaders, community organizers and involved citizens. We’re a non-profit organization that identifies needs and facilitates communication to address the issues facing Joplin.

Our main areas of focus are Health, Housing, Transportation, Literacy, and Childcare.

We can make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. But before we can take meaningful action, we first must come together.

When we collaborate, we’re truly a community.

One Joplin Helps Organizations:

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Share resources

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Set aside personal agendas & find common ground

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Accomplish more together than they could on their own

Get Involved.

At One Joplin, we want to understand and address the underlying causes of challenges we currently face as a community. That is why we have identified and built specialized teams around Joplin’s core areas of need.

A young girl in action about to shoot a basketball looks up toward the hoop with her tongue out in concentration

Health Team

Focused on healthy workforce, families, and kids.

Education &
Literacy Team

Focused on parent engagement, pre-K and kindergarten to third grade.

A teacher or volunteer reads a children's book to four young kids of various ages in a classroom setting
An older woman holding a basket looks out a bus window with her elbow leaned against the sill

Poverty Team

Focused on social capital, housing and transportation.

Donate Now!

You can also make a monetary donation to One Joplin.

Your financial contribution directly supports our teams, allowing them to more quickly identify and mobilize to meet community needs.

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Reach Out

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